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A non-commercial site for those interested in espresso equipment repair and restoration.
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Welcome to espresso restorations.  This site is designed as a way for anybody interested in coffee espresso
machines can pick up a few tips about equipment repair and restoration or just browse through the photo-essays
and enjoy the story.

I have divided the site into 2 categories.  On this page you will find links to a few basic pages regarding equipment

In the "
From the workbench" section you will find the detailed restorations of various equipment and some
specific  repairs and troubleshooting guides for common components on espresso coffee machines.

I realised that it must be difficult to navigate the site for frequent browsers so will now add an Update section on
this page which will inform you of any recent projects.
Recent updates
This website is created by Paul Pratt, Hong Kong 2004-05. If you would like to use any of the images or text I
am sure I will say yes, but please ask first!  

Email me here.
GB/5 steam valve replacement

I was told it was tricky but not too bad really.  Rebuild essay is here.  

New bumper products

I have just finished a few new products for our new company.  The tamping stand is the standout product.
Some photos are

Faema Lambro & E61

A couple of sexy older ladies have arrived.  A 1950's Lambro and a 1960's E61.  Click here...

La Marzocco GS2 - 3 group GOLD 8th August 2006

Finally made some progress on this machine.  

La Marzocco GB/5

I have just done a good few weeks tearing the GB/5 apart and rebuilding it to see what it is made of.  That article

SCAA Charlotte announcement

My company Just Java will exhibit in April at the SCAA show.  We are located at booth #308 close to the USBC
area.  The purpose is to introduce our new products under the brand name "
bumper".  The bumper  
range at the moment is a deluxe knockbox and our own unique tampers.  More details will follow and some

At the time of writing this the 1 group
GS1 or the gold plated GS2 3 group will be in use at the show.  Most likely it
will be the small 1 group because a) you wouldn't believe the shipping fees and b) the gold 3 group is still in

La Marzocco GS1 1 group

This is the most recent machine that has been completed.  The rebuild can be found here.  It is most probably my
best work so far and the machine has been pulling shots for a few months now.