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Nuova Simonelli Mac Cup V 1 Group
Manufacturer:                Nuova Simonelli, Italy

Model:                            Cup V, 1 Group, 220V, Single Phase.  1800W (changed to 2000W)

Approx Date of Manuf:   2002/3

Date acquired:               August 2004

Working condition:         No.  Heating elements dead.

Notes:                            One of my customers had this in storage.  A new unit used for just a few months the            
                                      elements had died and the seller said it was a non-warranty part (!)  so it sat and sat and    
                                      the owner refused to pay the seller approx. US$350 to repair it.  Until I swooped in...
Basic condition

I did hesitate over this unit for a month or so as I must admit to being a bit weary of NS machines.  Before I get hate
mail from NS owners - I was wrong.  It is a great machine and very well made and thought-out.

Unfortunately I was far too eager to take photos of it when I first got it so you will have to make do with the stock NS
one above.  The machine had the same Red colour ABS plastic body.  

So I paid a tidy sum for the unit and then set to work on it.  Fortunately the owner had left the quotation from the
seller so I could see exactly what was wrong and after testing the elements were in fact toast.  My main hesitation
with buy  the NS was that I was worried about finding spares.  A few weeks perviously I had had some elements
custom made in HK and was pleased with the results so I knew that the NS was an easy fix.

The stainless steel trim was pretty beat up and it was very dirty inside.  All the panels were scratched.  
Stripping down

My first job was to remove the 3 main red panels, the 2 sides and the rear - this was so I could check the
elements.  In case you were wondering, yes those are rain spots in some pictures.  The machine was a bit grubby
and  there were a few dead bodies lying around so I stripped it down outside.

This was a machine I was unfamiliar with, so the pictures I have are actually a way to piece it together again rather
than pictures of the machine.
First impressions

Well by this stage I was very impressed.  The machine was a bargain and was amazingly well constructed.  In

Top class components - Sirai P-stat, Gicar flowmeters and electronic dosing control.  Procon pump and RPM

Great layout - The machine is so well laid out.  Everything is in a great place and easy to follow.  The flowmeters
and solenoids are in easy to access places and taking trim panels off and on was a breeze.

Electronic wiring - Again top-class job with the wiring and boy was it neat and tidy.  All the wires were of the
correct gauge and were well laid out and placed in sensible positions.  The circuit board was placed in a good
position away from direct heat.

Copper pipes - As with the wiring it was neat and tidy. The soldering was good.

Frame and construction - Very similiar to a CMA machine. You can just tell that these guys have a very
streamlined production system.
Stripdown complete

As you may be able to tell from the pictures above, I was a bit cautious with the machine and many photos are an
idiots guide to putting the parts back together.  You have to bear in mind that I had never seen the machine
before and I have no parts or technical manual to refer to.

After the last picture above I took out the rest of the components such as the wiring loom, the control box and the
pump + motor.

After that it was a case of cleaning the frame (high pressure hose and detergents) and then the usual stripdown
of individual components.  Small parts were cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and then descaled in another
ultrasonic bath.  This is my new top and it makes the world of difference in getting things clean.  
NS MAC Page 2
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Nuova Simonelli Mac 1 Group

Weight approx. 50kgs

Dimensions: 46cm (H) x 52cm (D) x 35cm (W)

Internal Rotary Pump

220V 1800W, 5 Litre HX Boiler

1 Steam valve, 1 Hot water valve - both the trigger/lever type
Top of the boiler, nickel plated (?)
The elements had been removed.
Top of the group.  That is the vacuum breaker near the top (that funny t shaped pipe).
Top of the boiler again.
The group 3 way solenoid and vacuum breaker.
The flowmeter tucked away at the back rear.
Right in the centre is the HX inlet.
Very neat pipework.  The cross fittings go to steam + water valves and the vacuum breaker.
The pump + motor.  The motor is very small.
Vacuum breaker again.
Water inlet solenoid to fill the boiler.
Back of the machine.  Sirai p-stat just visible at the top.
Components behind the front keypad panel.
Just visible is the group to boiler flange.
Pump under the machine.
Water inlet fitting and drain box.
Front view with some frame removed.
Group again.
Removing pipes now - camera at the ready!
Drain pipes pretty dirty.
It uses the box type solenoid valve body.
Group to Boiler flange.
Double scale pressure gauge.
HX inlet and outlet.
Rear of the machine.
The back of the group.  Some scale is inside.
Teflon gasket on the boiler flange.  This is where the group joins.
Removing p-stat tube.
Left is the overpressure valve.  Right is the Vacuum breaker.
Sight glass and pipes.
Gicar flowmeter located next to the control unit.
Components after the boiler and group has been removed.
A photo snapshot to help me put it all back together.
Inlet solenoid.
Inlet valve again.
Dismantling the 2 way inlet valve.
Frame with boiler and group removed.