The Espresso Machine Restoration site
A non-commercial site for those interested in espresso equipment repair and restoration.
About the site and the author
The site

What prompted me to publish this site was basically a way in which I could display some pictures I had taken of my
machines.   My hobby for equipment really has taken on a new direction and I feel proud that I am able to collect
and restore equipment to such an original and high standard.

Before I get lots of mail from fellow coffee professionals saying that this site gives too many secrets away, let me put
your minds at rest.   Coffee machines are rather simple for me to restore because I have been working with them
now for almost 8 years and spend many hours everyday stripping them down and putting them back together. Such
experience only comes from practical in the field hard graft.  If you are a first time machine owner then you should
really seek some assistance from a coffee equipment professional.

The other advantage I have and this should be pointed out, is that as well as experience I have access to spare
parts from all equipment manufacturers. And for some obscure parts I have a small network of craftsmen here in HK
that can fabricate and supply me parts as needed. These two points give me the confidence to buy any machine,
broken or working knowing that I have a great chance of getting it back to original condition.
The author

My name is Paul Pratt and I am 30 years old.  I am currently based in Hong Kong.  I have a degree in Economics. I
co-founded and am Director of Just Java Limited that used to operate Just Java retail stores in HK.  That was
changed in 2002 as the stores were sold to pay for
Just Java Coffee Roasters.   

JJCR have been roasting in HK since January 2003. In June 2003 we became a licensee of Transfair USA enabling
us to import and roast Fair Trade Certified coffee.  

Since 1995 I have been working with
La Marzocco espresso machines and in 1998 became the agent for Hong
Kong.  In 2001 I started importing
Astoria espresso machines from CMA.  Outside of Hong Kong I have done work in
Shanghai, Shenzen, Phillipines, Singapore and Thailand.  I also believe that I sold one of the first ever machines
(Astoria Divina) to Kathmandu.

The madness does not stop with coffee equipment.  For many years I have been a big vintage watch collector and
restorer.  I specialise in very early electronic watches, namely the Bulova Accutron and the Omega Electronic series
of watches, including some nice ultra-rare Omega F8192hz Electroquartz.  Like my coffee machines all watches are
restored to their original factory condition to only the highest of standards.

My technical interest and ability definitely comes from within the family.  My Dad is one of those amazing people who
can strip anything down and repair, beit lawnmowers, VCR's or high tech equipment as part of his job.  In fact
growing up our garage was full of components, oscilliscopes, soldering irons etc..you name it he had it.  Some of my
earliest memories involve stealing my Dad's tools and components - the most memorable incidnet was when I was 3
or 4 years old and I took some brushes and paint from the garage and decided to restore the family car!

Around the age of 6 or 7 I was given one of those 2000 in 1 electronics kits from Radio Shack.  I guess you could
say I was born to do something technical and am lucky I get paid for it.
A few from the watch collection

The pics were too large so I decided on a new page.
This website is created by Paul Pratt, Hong Kong 2004. If you would like to use any of the images or text I am sure
I will say yes, but please ask first!  

Email me here.

Singapore (Raffles Hotel) May 2004. Sporting an Omega flightmaster cal 911
Having a beer at Chijmes, Singapore.
Keiko and I.
I live down there somewhere.
I had to include a watch somewhere. Omega Megequartz from around 1974. Restored by me.